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How is the pool secured?

Security and safety is our number one priority with this new amenity. We have a 6’ aluminum fence around the perimeter of the pool. Pool members receive one access fob (per family) that will unlock the gate to ENTER the pool and unlock the gate to EXIT the pool. (If you forget your access fob at home, please go get it. Do not ask someone already in the pool area to let you in. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s the only way to ensure that the people using the people are in fact, pool members.) When you receive your access fob, you will also receive a silicon bracelet that identifies you as a pool member. These bracelets must be worn while in the pool area. You will receive one bracelet for each member of your family and two guest bracelets.

Where will everyone park?

Adding an additional parking pad is not a viable option right now. If the regular parking lot is full, cars may park parallel along Dasher Grove. There will also be an area for cars to park where the white fence currently is located. It will be moved back to allow room for additional parking. We want to encourage those that can to walk or bike to the park. Golf carts should be parked where cars park. Please do not park golf carts along the pool fence.

Can I still purchase a pool membership?

Current Residents: New memberships are currently closed for current residents ( who were residents on 17 June 2015.)

New Residents: New memberships are available for residents who moved into the neighborhood on or after 17 June 2015. Contact WHODOWECALL???

Is there a lifeguard on duty?

No. Pool members must swim at their own risk. A lifeguard will be required if you reserve the pool for a party. We will provide you with a list of approved lifeguards.

Can I reserve the pool for a party?

We will not allow pool parties for the time being. Once we can get an idea of how busy the pool is, what the peak hours are, and get any kinks worked out we will consider allowing residents to use the pool for parties. There will be a small fee required.

Who is in charge of keeping the pool clean?

We are asking that every pool member do his or her part to help keep the pool and decking area clean. Please utilize the trashcans that will be placed out there. We have a pool commitee that will help with any necessary cleanings, like vacuuming the pool and skimming debris floating on top of the water. There will also be a skimmer net available should a pool member want to get any debris from the water prior to entering.

When will the pool be open?

The pool will be open March 15th through October 31st. The hours will be 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Note: These dates and times are subject to change.