Grove Pointe HOA
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Happy New Year 2016

Grove Pointe Residents,

This year has been a great and exciting year in the neighborhood. The community continues to grow and we have a new phase in Thomas Grove opening soon. I think we accomplished a lot this year and I am proud of all the hard work put in by board members and residents to get some of these tasks completed. One of our biggest accomplishments was the addition of our community pool. It has been a huge success and we’ve had very limited issues. It took close to a year from planning to completion and I want to thank everyone involved. The pool was a big project, but with the help of the developers, residents, Parker Pools, and the bank we pulled it off. I feel the pool will help keep Grove Pointe growing and relevant in the coming years. A lot of the new residents especially like the pool and it helped them choose this neighborhood, along with the park, pavilion, and location.

The road construction and new light were big projects that took a lot of time and inconvenienced us all, but it seems to be working well now. It will help with traffic issues as the area grows. I would like to thank Scottie Orenstein and the Board of Commissioners for getting the project approved.

Our neighborhood events last year have gotten bigger and we have had a higher attendance at each one. The Easter and Halloween parties were a great success and our first annual S’mores with Santa was a huge hit! Thanks to all of you that attended and helped make these events possible. We also had our two community yard sales that were both well attended.

The board members are really working hard to keep the neighborhood growing and on a good financial footing. We’ve been very successful with collecting unpaid HOA dues through the help of our attorney. We are at about a 95% collection rate. We could always use more help and input so please let us know if this is something you are interested in. Please check out our new webpage and our Facebook page for more information.


Mike Smith

HOA Board President